Squishy Puffems – Fast Food

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Hugely popular soft foam shapes that can be squished and squeezed before slowly returning to their original shape. These slow rise squishy toys can be squashed down to a fraction of their size before they gradually rise up and reshape into their original form. The Fast Food collection includes a burger, fries and popcorn. These little desktop buddies are so cute, you won’t be able to resist giving them a little squeeze! Put one on your desk and give it a poke and you’ll have an instantly pleasing sensation. It’s quite therapeutic too, which makes it a fantastic alternative stress toy. Don’t worry though, it will always return to its original shape, no matter how hard you mash or poke it!

Product Features:

  • Soft foam shapes
  • Squash down and then slowly rise up again
  • Always return to original shape
  • Collectable.

Styles May Vary. *One Squishy Included