K'NEX Toy Collection
K'NEX Imagine


Let your imaginations run wild and build some fantastic creations with the K’NEX Imagine collection. Your minds will love our range, which includes the 3-In-1 Classic Amusement Park and the Long Speed Rocket Car 2-In-1 Set.

K'NEX K-Force


Build and customise your very own dart blasters in the K’NEX K-Force collection. Arm yourselves with the K-Force Battle Bow Blaster and the seriously cool K-Force Flash Fire Motorised Blaster. Take your favourite into battle!

K'NEX Stem Exploration


The STEM Collection fro K’NEX are designed to maximise your children’s engagement in activities both at home and in the classroom. Our range includes the STEM Exploration Pulleys and STEM Exploration Gears.

Kids K'NEX Collection


The Kid K’NEX range includes flexible and colourful toy parts that are perfect for toddlers. Our exciting collection of toys within the range includes the Blinkin’ Buddies Building Set, Ocean Pals Building Set and the Zoo Friends Set.